In today’s world Cybercrime is evolving and information assurance and control is becoming a major concern. Cyber robbery has become the most effective way to rob banks and credit card companies anywhere in the world. Hackers rob banks without wearing masks or threatening tellers to hand over the money. Hundreds of millions of dollars are stolen from the financial institutions by the people who are not easily traceable and use a very basic and a cheap weapon i.e. a computer and some smart software.

Then there is another group of hackers that penetrate government and commercial networks, grids, nuclear pants etc. and steal classified information or cause outages that can cost billions of dollars. DDoS (Distributed Denial Of Service) attackers on the other hand are very disruptive and even the best techniques used to prevent these attacks fail. Applications and networks are always the target for a cyber attack and these hackers need a small door to enter. The problem is so big and concerning that despite of sequestration the US. Government is still spending money on the cyber security and is expected to allocate 65.5 billion dollars to increase its cyber force.

Based on our experience one size doesn’t fit all, just the industry COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) tools are not enough to find infrastructure and application vulnerabilities .We develop custom tools that not only get data from the COTS tools but also help find specific threats and manage security vulnerabilities in an intelligent way. Our NAST (Network And Application Security Testing) process and the ASTT (Automated Security Test Tool) can dynamically parse, manage and report information from the industry standard COTS tools and dig deeper making it the best combination of manual and automated testing.

Our specially developed NAST process and ASTT tool can help enterprises reduce IT vulnerability and assessment costs by 50% and integrate with IT frameworks like ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library).

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